Cultural organizations

Theatres, cinemas and museums and galleries are places of gathering a large number of visitors, which carries some risks. If we add the fact that in these facilities often keep valuable exhibits , safety must be a priority. In our offer you can find all the solutions required to achieve the highest level of security and other systems necessary to a modern cultural institution.
Security activities starts outside of the facility, where systems for perimeter protection and video surveillance protect access roads and property located in the open space. Interior of the building is provided through a closed system of internal camera video surveillance systems for the protection of electronic devices and systems for physical access control, which takes account of who and when you can get into that space. Anti-theft systems preserve artifacts outside of working hours and protection of works of art and artifacts of the accident provide fire alarm system.
Many cultural institutions today use electronic visual media as a source of additional explanations for the visitors, but more often these systems are the primary means of communication and source of information and even part of the exhibition of contemporary artistic expression. We offer a variety of solutions for audio - visual communication and interaction with visitors from the big screen via touch screens, to high - quality public address system that can be used as an integral part of the multimedia exhibition.