Health organizations

Health facilities are in need of specific high security solutions where are implemented signaling systems consisting of a control unit,  indoor terminals, patients modules  (out of the room, the bathroom, the bed), info display and control unit monitoring the rooms.
A significant part of these solutions are anti -bacterial cables, systems for energy savings and uninterrupted supply of important devices in hospitals. Since most of these solutions are based on the IP protocol for health care facilities is a very important quality passive and active network infrastructure. In addition, IP networks and systems for signal distribution form the basis for many other systems, such as solutions for traditional and IP telephony, public displays, monitors and sound system, interactive boards and security solutions that are increasingly based on IP protocol .
Like many other institutions, hospitals and health centers are in need of a reliable system for video surveillance, access control, intrusion and fire detection systems and gas, thus the safety of that important object is raised to the required level. For all of these needs, we offer cost-effective solutions, as well as the time and attendance of employees, management of patients waiting in lines,  tube systems to transport physical shipments and management of parking for vehicles of visitors and employees .