Vitreum company specialized in the design, installation, testing, servicing and maintenance of electronic systems for the protection of buildings and property, telecommunication systems, computer networks and high power voltage systems. Combining cutting-edge technology, personal experience and design solutions that are fully adapted to the individual characteristics of the object, Vitreum enable its customers to optimize investment and reduce maintenance costs. Through dedicated and long-term partnerships with suppliers, a global leader in different areas Vitreum provides comprehensive business solutions. The trust of customers, the company Vitreum has acquired with its professionalism and business ethics, as well as applying the latest technology developments and the highest international standards in the business. We provide a complete service from designing, installation, testing, logistics support and maintenance care during the entire service life of the object. Our design team is available to provide advice in selecting the necessary systems for existing or new facility to make sure your decision included current and future needs, as well as legislation. In the design we take into account the optimization of the system to minimize the cost of basic investment and operating costs of the works. We carry out installations of low and high current systems,implement and integrate the necessary equipment in the most demanding facilities for which we have attracted a large number of clients.


Services that the company offers to the market are the design, installation, servicing and maintenance of the following systems:
• Anti-theft alarm system
• Video Surveillance
• Access control systems
• Fire Detection System
• Gas Detection Systems
• Telecommunication systems
• Computer networks
• Ambient sound
• Multimedia Systems
• Hotel Automation
• Garage management
• Smart building
• High voltage systems

Company Vitreum allows the comfort and the security of the rooms and buildings for various purposes: offices, administrative buildings, hotels, hospitals, cultural and sports facilities, industrial facilities, airports and tunnels. During the exploitation of the system, i.e., during the warranty period and after that, we provide the necessary support for the maintenance of the extent and manner that is complementary to the technical ability of the object.




Complete design of low and high current systems

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Service and maintenance


Complete service and maintenance of low and high current systems

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