Conference System

Effective conferencing involves the use of modern sound, sometimes the translation system as well. Conference audio systems enable high-quality experience to all participants, and it is easy to extend with additional functionality and integrate with other systems.
Events in large venues with a large number of participants can not be realized without a speaker and a microphone , which depending on your needs can be wired or wireless, and which are connected to the system. In addition, they may be associated with additional devices that make it easier and faster communication within the premises of various sizes. If necessary, it is possible to record all spoken at the conference, for archiving and subsequent use.
For events in which the participants do not speak the official language of the event, there are systems for translators that allow the simultaneous translation in one or more additional languages​​. In this way, saving time and avoiding possible misunderstandings and miscommunication, and participants may select the language  and adjust the volume via wireless devices.