About Us

Vitreum company specialized in the design, installation, testing, servicing and maintenance of electronic systems for the protection of buildings and property, telecommunication systems, computer networks and high power voltage systems.

Combining cutting-edge technology, personal experience and design solutions that are fully adapted to the individual characteristics of the object, Vitreum enable its customers to optimize investment and reduce maintenance costs.

Through dedicated and long-term partnerships with suppliers, a global leader in different areas Vitreum provides comprehensive business solutions. The trust of customers, the company Vitreum has acquired with its professionalism and business ethics, as well as applying the latest technology developments and the highest international standards in the business.

We provide a complete service from designing, installation, testing, logistics support and maintenance care during the entire service life of the object.  


Vitreum company founded in 2005 with the idea to provide to the customers concrete and effective solutions and services in the field of low voltage installations. The company began with the installation of traditional protection systems, alarm systems, then activity spreads across the installation of other security systems, structural cable systems, optical systems, power systems and it follows logically come to the implementation of integrated, intelligent security management system which contain a wide range of technical products and systems protection and security (smart buildings and hotel systems / automation).

System integration consolidates: video surveillance, burglar and fire alarm system, access control system, network infrastructure, telephony network and multimedia. The complexity of the system is compensated by usage simplicity and with additional features resulting from the synergies of integration.

The results of quality work, respect for the wishes and demands of customers, especially through recommendations, led to the rapid development of the company Vitreum which resulted in the expansion of business activities in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro and the Serbian Republic, and today the company Vitreum makes Vitreum (Serbia), Vitreum Montenegro (Montenegro) and Vitreum RS (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Vitreum its further development and growth plans to achieve trough out the new and modern concept of integration of security systems, multimedia and monitoring. And ... their business is based on the latest technologies and solutions.

Today the company employs 30 trained and professional staff, 9 engineers and 16 technicians in charge of design and construction. Constant education of employees is one of the primary goals, as well as the transfer of knowledge about current innovations to the designers, investors and all stakeholders in the construction and maintenance of facilities.

Mission, values and innovation


Company Vitreum from the establishment provides quality technical support for all systems and products in order to positively influence the development of communications, security and to improve the competitiveness, productivity and efficiency of the company as a whole.


Reliability is a basic feature of the company, which is recognized by our partners. As a result today we cooperate with more than 20 leading manufacturers in the field of communications and security. Transparency in business has been established since the company was founded, thanks to which we have gained the trust of many customers. This is evidenced by the fact that we are partners of Siemens in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska.


We are not satisfied with our achievements, we know we can bring better solutions to our clients and therefore constantly introducing new, current and advanced systems and we constantly educate ourselves.

Quality Management system

Vitreum Ltd. is a company that specializes in providing products, solutions and services in the field of installation of high and low current, and providing complete services from design, installation, providing logistical support and maintaining electronic protection systems for all types of objects .
Since its inception the company Vitreum Ltd. business is based on achieving a high level of satisfying the needs and expectations of its clients/investors, through a combination of cutting-edge technology and extensive experience of its employees .
Faced with ever more demanding technical/commercially conditions in the market with the intention to strengthen its competitive position and to its customers guarantees the quality of equipment, works and services comany Vitreum Ltd. opted for the establishment of effective and efficient quality management system according to the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008.
In this sense, the top management of the company Vitreum Ltd. favored that their business is based on the principles of the following :
• Installation of high quality and tested equipment, as well as high-quality installation  works and maintenance of buildings in warranty or out of warranty period
• Improving professional knowledge and competence of employees in all areas of the business, developing awareness of the importance of their work and the way in contributing to the development of the entire company
• Enforcement, review and continuous improvement of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008
•  Creating and continually developing good partnerships with suppliers and all stakeholders through a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience
•  Monitoring, implementation and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations
All employees of the company Vitreum Ltd. are familiar with the policy of quality management systems and are responsible for the consistent implementation of it.