Public Address Systems

Public Address Systems that we offer are based on digital technology, which is fully controlled by a computer, which ensures transmission quality audio message, and contains a number of additional features, including integration with other systems in all types of buildings . In addition , all components of the public address system are interconnected with fiber optic cable, which guarantees superior sound quality and the transmission of signals over long distances.
Public address systems are used to convey messages to each user in the house. They are used in shopping malls, hypermarkets, hospitals, airports, industrial facilities, government and many other institutions, for simultaneously addressing a large number of visitors, but also for music and advertising messages. Install the equipment, which consists of the highest quality speakers, amplifiers, mixer, player, microphones and other audio components of the world's top manufacturers.
In addition to its core functions, broadcasting and entertainment facilities and a variety of notifications, it is very important and the possibility of public address systems integration with other security systems, such as systems for fire detection and alarm, as in the case of an incident ensures early warning and timely evacuation of staff and visitors