Video conferencing

The needs of modern businesses, especially for large companies with offices in multiple cities and partners in different countries have imposed modern audio - video solutions as an excellent substitute for travel and meeting in person. Audio - video conferencing systems allow and facilitate communication with colleagues and partners from geographically remote locations, eliminating the need for business travel to remote locations that can cause often high costs.
The possibility that , in addition to image transfer can be simultaneously transmitted voice and other contents, as well as documents from the computer, presentations, films and similar, has enabled a number of changes in the systems of video conferencing .
Frequently is used in multinational companies in order to reduce maintenance costs by eliminating regional meetings travelling.
The same principle with the need to have a meeting with the management like "face to face" is used by more and more companies that have a lot of remote branch offices, so with the fact that installing video conference systems can be done so quickly, so meetings can be done as well very quickly and on short notice.
Audio - video systems display a realistic picture caller and natural sound, and in addition provide an interactive review of documents, presentations and other data, such that all participants in the same room.

The basis of the system for audio - video conference is a big screen with a proper camera and audio equipment, while for added flexibility supported and other types of devices connected to the Internet, such as computers, tablets and smart phones.