Military organizations

Facilities that are associated with the military and defense system are institutions in which protection systems and communications must never fail. When it comes to such sensitive projects, in addition to contemporary security, IT and telecommunications equipment and infrastructure, we offer complete discretion, reliable operation of the system and its efficient and easy to use and maintain.
Being a military facility security an absolute imperative, provides effective technical protection systems, such as perimeter protection that includes a microwave barrier fence, buried cables and infrared barriers for open spaces. These systems complement the modern systems, IP video surveillance systems and physical access control, which clearly defines who and when has access to certain areas and are vital to the functioning of the conditions of top security.
We also offer intrusion and counter-sabotage equipment using metal detectors, X-ray devices and explosive detectors to prevent the introduction of prohibited items and substances such as weapons or explosives. There are also systems that prevent unauthorized use of cell phones and other wireless devices in sensitive environments.
In addition to the specific requirements for security, military institutions have a need for other systems that we offer to clients, such as the system time and attendance, professional networking equipment and systems for transmission and distribution of signals, monitors and interactive whiteboard .
For  internal and external communication, there are solutions in the field of telephony, public address systems and solutions for audio - video conferencing . Like all large structures, military institutions can reduce maintenance costs by using the system to manage ventilation, heating and air conditioning facilities.